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Tribute to Dr. Robert and Lucy Gray


Robert and Lucy Leach Gray


Robert R. and Lucy Gray should be recognized as a team for their work in the church and the 4-H.

Robert Gray was born July 26, 1883, in Texas where his parents William A. and Margery Lynch Gray were living at that time but were originally from Monroe County. They returned to Monroe County when Robert was in his early teens.

Robert and Miss Lucy Leach, daughter of  J. Brown and Margaret Leach were married  on June 2, 1910.

Lucy was a graduated of Greenbrier College with an A.B. degree and was a teacher at Union High School for many years.  Robert attended West Virginia University and received his A.B. degree from Washington and Lee University in 1908 and his bachelor of  Divinity from Davis and Elkins College in 1952. He was ordained as a minister in the Union Presbyterian Church on June 3, 1917.  He was installed as pastor of the Union Presbyterian Church and the Carmel Presbyterian Church at Gap Mills.  He was one of the founding members and a past president of the Monroe County Ministers Association.

Dr. Gray was active in social, education and civic causes in Monroe County. He served as Principal of Union High School from 1912-1931.  He was a most ardent worker for the early days of the 4-H movement in the county and state.  He was largely responsible for the building of the Monroe Cottage at Jackson’s Mill and took a prominent part in the County and State 4-H camps.  In 1920, Monroe County was in need of a County Agent, Home Demonstration Agent and a Club Agent.  Rev. Gray and B.A. Shirey assumed the leadership as volunteers.  Mr. Shirey was named County Chairman and Rev. Gray was Camp Director.  Under their leadership, the 4-H program moved forward.  Robert and Lucy Gray were always ready to volunteer help at  4-H camps and to accompany club boys and girls to Jackson’s Mill.  At camp, Mr. Gray was affectionately known as “Dad” Gray.

Dr. Gray was one of the organizers of the Union Fort Spring Power Company which brought the first power service to the Union community.

Robert and Lucy had two daughters… Virginia, married to Bill Pruitt and they had two sons.   Margery, married to Jesse Wheeler and they had three sons. At the time of Dr.Gray’s death, he was serving as pastor of the Union and Salem Presbyterian Churches.


Submitted from The Monroe Watchman