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“The Big Storm of 2012″ by Dr. John Tomlinson

The storm of June 2012, bringing power outages to the state of West Virginia was a blessing in disguise. It brought people together that would otherwise never see one another.

My wife Shelby, is on oxygen 24-7. On Saturday morning after the storm I was going to Alderson to do the 5K run at 9 o’clock.  I had a tree down from my yard in the road and at 6 AM… I cut it up and loaded it on the truck before I got ready to leave.

I came out of Lamplighter Valley, where I live and I soon realized there would not be a 5k run that day.  I went directly to Lowes and the last generator went out the door in front of me. Stopped at Home Care Plus and got all of the oxygen they could let me have…probably enough for 18 hours.  I found out that Mobscott Oxygen supplier was also out.  From there to Tractor Supply and the last generator was being purchased by Arthur Bartenslager, a former neighbor and client on the Davis Stuart Road.  He made me take the generator saying he had one at home…I know they were watering lots of cattle out of wells which needed power… I will always be grateful to Arthur.  I got the lawnmower gasoline and was able to siphen 7 gallon out of my car which they say you cannot do.  I then was able to keep oxygen concentrator running along with the deep freezer and refrigerator.

I have a farm at Union that was devastated with down trees and down fences. All taken care of by  neighbors.  I did not even go to look for several days.

I watched Dr. Sandy Callison practice Veterinary medicine for two weeks with a generator.  Rev. Emory Hanna and wife Jean milked 100 plus cows two times a day for well over a week without power.  I never heard any veterinarian or farmer complain… but said “Come on lets have cheese and crackers and new tomatoes out of the garden”.  I know that all of us can operate with a a lot less.  Let’s all be a little more self sufficient and let the government do less for us.

I waited in line for gasoline for the generator at White Sulphur, Pickaway and Fairlea and did not hear people complaining.  Stopped at Foodland, needed nothing but was curious how they could help people in real need.

We are watching less TV and were thankful that we could call it a picnic for the days that we were out of power, TV and the computer.

Dr.  John Tomlinson, Sr.

Class of 1954




Written for publication for The Monroe Watchman

                            Union, West Virginia