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“Memories from the Class of 1956″ by Phyllis Boggs Law

One remembers the past better as one becomes aware of the quick passing of time. I graduated from UHS with the class of 1956. This was one of the best years of my life. I still think that the decade of the 50’s was the BEST!

We had lots of time between classes to talk, laugh and have fun, and the ride home on the bus was a time to make plans with friends. However, this is not the way today so much because the young of today are less disciplined. Eventually the bus came past our home but for three years we walked a distance of two miles to the bus stop. I am older, wiser, and exercise for me has been part of having a healthy life style. No one in our class was overweight and definitely obesity was not a problem.

On Friday we could wear dungarees (blue jeans) and the style was to roll up the leg of our pants to half way up the calf of our leg. Any other time the dress code was a skirt, a blouse, or dresses for young girls.

I remember sitting on the bleachers at noon talking with friends. We made up several groups depending on interests. Sometimes some couples sat together or just with the two of them thinking about the future. On sunny warm days we sat outside under the trees. I remember three trees that were about five inches in circumference. Now, the old building is gone and a new one replaces it on the same site. I wonder if the old trees are still there! JUST IMAGINE HOW LARGE THEY WOULD BE AFTER 50 + years. They may not be there now with the need for more classroom space. Does anyone know?

Time makes way for progress, our thoughts must encompass new ideas and our minds open to change.

Phyllis Boggs Law
Class of 1956