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King and Queen of Farmers Day 2012 – Bob and Carolyn Canterbury



Bob and Carolyn Canterbury, residents of the Sinks Grove Community reigned as King and Queen of the Union Chamber Of Commerce’s Annual Farmers Day Celebration on June 2, 2012.  They were crowned on the stage in downtown Union on Saturday morning before leading the annual parade.

A Monroe County native, Bob graduated from Union High School in1963. He is the son of Ralph and the late Pauline Canterbury.  Carolyn, a Kanawah County native moved to Lewisburg when she was in the sixth grade.    She graduated from Lewisburg High School in 1963 and is the daughter of  the late Robert and Virginia Neely.  Bob and Carolyn met at the roller skating rink in Fairlea and married in 1965.

                               Carolyn and Bob

Bob Canterbury always knew he would be a farmer.  His earliest memories are of helping his grandfather when he was three years old, carrying a lantern to the haystack and holding it so his grandfather could see to fork hay out to the cattle and remembers his grandfather farming with teams of horses.

The Canterburys have been full-time farmers all of their adult lives. They operate a 235 acre farm at Sinks Grove that was purchased by Bob’s father Ralph  in 1957.  Bob and Carolyn moved to the farm in 1966 and raised three children.  All of the Canterbury children  and grandchildren live in the area and participate in farming and raising livestock.

Submitted from:  The Monroe Watchman