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UHS Class of 1979 Celebrates 40th Class Reunion


                                    Pictures taken from 1979 Yearbook

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The Union High School Class of 1979 met on Saturday June 8, 2019 , to celebrate their 40th  Class Reunion at the home of  classmate Tim Pence, near Alderson.  Those attending were:  Susan Wilson Tuck, Teresa Fuery, Vickie Euler, Kelly Weikle Campbell, Jacqueline Beckett Jones, Leressa Bostic, Tracie Shrader, Dreama Ridgeway Fox, Michelle Wilson, Mindy Deskins Surgeon, Peggy Vance, Clayton Reed, Craig Mohler, Timothy Pence, Jeff  Pritt, Rodney Lee, Mike Cliver, Tim Roles, Lisa Pence, Beverly Whitt, George Smith, Bo Parker, Charlie Larew and Charlie Walters.  Also attending were spouses and family members.The event was catered by Charlie Larew and his wife Bridget, who prepared a delicious pulled pork BBQ dinner.  Class members were in attendance from as far away as Indiana and Florida.  

The following deceased classmates were remembered…….Class of 1979 deceased members were:

Doris Cole, Robin Harris, Vickie Radford, Debbie Lafon, Chester Adkins, Daniel Walker, Tim Martin and Aaron Deskins.


Tracie Shrader and George Smith

The big surprise of the evening was an engagement announcement from classmates;  Tracie Shrader and George Smith.  It was a great evening with lots of laughter and Reminiscing.


"The Toast"

The evening closed with a toastTo Friendship!


Pictures from the class reunion:  Click on picture for a larger view


Kelly Weikle Campbell

Susan Wilson Tuck

Bo Parker

Charlie Walters

Clayton Reed and Susan Wilson Tuck

Craig Mohler

George Smith

Jackie Beckett Jones

Jeffery Pritt

Mindy Deskins Surgeon

Teresa Feury

Tim Pence

Tracie Shrader

Rodney Lee


Leressa Bostic

Peggy Vance

Tim Roles

Vickie Euler

Michelle Wilson

Dreama Ridgeway Fox

Mike Cliver

Beverly Whitt

COUSINS-Susan Wilson Tuck and Kelly Weikle Campbell


Kelly Weikle Campbell

Michelle Wilson, Leressa Bostic, Teresa Feury, Jackie Jones, Susan Tuck, Clayton Reed, George Smith

Peggy Vance, Susan Tuck, Craig Mohler

Susan & Craig Mohler, Bo Parker, Tim Pence, Ronney Lee, George Smith

Susan Tuck, George Smith, Tracie Shrader

Best Friends-Teresa Feury and Susan Tuck

Tim Pence and Leressa Bostic

Dreama Ridgeway Fox, Clayton Reed, Teresa Feury, Michelle Wilson, Mindy Deskins Surgeon, Peggy Vance

Dreama Ridgeway Fox, Michelle Wilson, Clayton Reed, Mindy Deskins Surgeon, Kelly Campbell, Peggy VanceJackie Beckett Jones and Timothy Pence

Jackie Beckett, Ronney Lee, Kelly Campbell, Peggy Vance, Susan Wilson




Submitted by:  Susan Wilson Tuck

Class of 1979