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“Confession to Breaking and Entering” by Jerry Brown

First set the scene (time and place)
Date: Fall of 1954 – six grade
Place: Prison (also known as Union Elementary School)

One of the favorite pastimes of young boys was the game of marbles which most young boys played at recess and noon hour, the most important times in school. As I recall there were other less important times, I believe they were called “classes”. These very coveted marbles, know as tools of the trade, were stored in ones pocket along with other important possessions such as pocket knives, but that is another story, back to the story at hand. During these punishing times called classes, if one of the precious possessions were dropped on the floor it was considered a class interruption, usually a badly needed break, and the warden, excuse me, “the teacher” would confiscate said item. It usually would not be returned until the end of eternity, other wise known as the end of the school year.

Now the unthinkable happened one day while I was daydreaming, I dropped one of my prized possessions on the floor. Naturally, we got
A badly needed break and the warden relieved me of my property and placed it in the vault also known as the desk drawer. I was not at all pleased but it did not seem to bother the warden.

During one of the important times (noon hour) with the help of a dear friend, Wayne Carter, I climbed upon his shoulders and opened the classroom window with the help of a rock, also known as a tool of the trade. Opening the window I climbed in and retrieved my possession. I exited the room the same way I came in and for some reason remembered to shut the window behind me leaving the rock inside. The warden assumed someone had just thrown a rock through the window. She never suspected “breaking and entering” and far be it for me to tell her.

Hope the statue of limitation has run out. I know the evidence has been destroyed. The old prison has been torn down and is now the site of the Monroe Health Center.

I confess…Jerry Brown

Thanks to Miss Young for the education, may God rest her sole!

Jerry Brown
Class of 1961