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Class of 1965 celebrates 50th Class Reunion


The Union High School Class of 1965, celebrated their 50th class Reunion on October 3, 2015, at the Senior Center in Union.  The social hour began at 3:00 pm and at 6:00 pm dinner was catered by Nanny’s Bakery and Cafe. They had 24 class members attending along with spouses, guests and two teachers:  Rachel Dunbar Lafon and Kyle Baker and his wife Lorraine.  A total of 52  attending.

From the 1965 class members, one couple married:  Don Sibold married Barbara McPeak.

The deceased members of the 1965 class include: Garland Neel, John Humphreys, Billy Pascall, Catherine Bradley, Ronnie Fisher, CJ Smith, Nancy Bell, Grover Shaver, Jim Shaver, James Daugherty and Deloris Vance.

The center was decorated with memorabilia from 1965.  Pictures taken of class members shown below.

Ann Ash Brungart

Barbara McPeak Sibold

Barbara Walker Gresham

Bertha Carter Reynolds

Gethel Ferguson Huffman

Helen Humphreys Himes

Helen Patterson Smith

Joy Nichols Capalto

Judy Cook Flint

June Frazier Honaker

Linda Ellison Schmitt

Melinda White

Mildred Wimmer Wagner

Revie Dowdy Jackson

Ruth Martin Taylor

Sharon Boggs Beasley

Sharon Nichols Trent

Bill Canterbury

Danny Wickline

Daryl Wilson

David Broyles

Don Sibold

Ed Hines

Jim Broyles

John Honaker

Mike Allen

Ronald Trent

Tom Nickell


Additional group pictures—–Click on pictures for a larger view

(1) Bob and Carolyn Canterbury, (2) Barbara Trent, Don Sibold and Ronald Trent  (3)  Barbara Walker Gresham and Van Gresham

(1) Ed Hines and Don Sibold, (2) Mrs. Daryl Wilson, Mike Allen and Daryl Wilson, (3) David Broyles, Lynn Hines and Ed Hines

(1) Butch Himes and Helen Humphreys Himes, (2) Sharon Nichols Trent and Donald Trent, (3) Gene Jackson and Revie Dowdy Jackson

(1) Agnes Broyles, wife of David Broyles,  (2) Sally and Jim Broyles (3) Jeff Schmitt, husband of Linda Ellison Schmitt

Decorating crew: (1) Ann Ash Brungart, (2) Linda Ellison Schmitt, (3)  Melinda White and Linda Ellison Schmitt


Decorations of memorabilia from 1965


Submitted by:  Linda Ellison Schmitt and Barbara Walker Gresham