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                          Class Rosters for 1913 thru 1956  

                          Submitted by Doris Ann Lemons Taylor



Class of 1913

Katherine McClaugherty

Gillian Walker

Gertrude Burdette

Nannie Young

Charles Hoylman

Malcolm Johnston

Sidney Johnston

Harry Early

John Peters

Isabelle Davidson

Pearl Robinson Meredith

Orville Tomlinson

Russell Brown

Oakley Meredith

Class of 1914

Nellie Neel

Ada Burdette

Ruth Young

Raymond Irons

James E. Dunlap

Class of 1915

Carrie Martin

Denny Fringer

Eric Hoylman

Cora Van Stavern

Class of 1916

Winnie Fringer

Jessie Johnston

Elizabeth McClaugherty

Ethel Peters

Horace Brown

Brown McNeer

Francis McNeer

Frank Wiley

Lillian early

Jessie Keatley

Ella Leach

Ruth McClaugherty

Marshall Jennings

Marshall Peters

Edwin Vaughan

Class of 1917

Dennis Bostic

Elizabeth Givens

Mary Hoylman

Murill Ralston

Willie Shirley

Walker Young

Class of 1918

Betty Young

Pearl Shirley

Earl Roles

Clara Albert

Robert McCoy

Class of 1919

Virginia Lynch

Gaye Pritt

Mary McCoy

Glenna Hoylman

Kate Young

Christina Bostic

Minnie Wiley

Myrtle Trail

Myrtle Roles

Irma McCormick

Flourney Hedley Jennings

Brown Sequard Roles

Class of 1920

Eula Lucille Pritt

Ralph Rowan

Eleanor McNeer

Lucy Ellen Glover

Mary M. Shirley

Verda Alma Dowdy

Gladys Josephine Early

Carolina Virginia Johnston

Horace Brown Gilchrist

Lewis Preston Peters

Ruby Glover

Myrtle Pauline Nickell

Class of 1921

Lucy Young

Class of 1922