• A visit to Union 2013. If you grew up in Union, West Virginia and you have not been able to return to Monroe County recently, chances are you will enjoy a little tour of Union and the area.

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“A Happy Camper” by Camella Bostic Stephens

Probably being one of the last in the “Class of 1961” to retire, there was dread on my part, since this was not in my plans for maybe one or two more years but thanks to the poor economy this happened to me as it has effected far too many others. My position and department was done away with by the State of Virginia forcing this action upon me…..needless to say this did not make me a ” Happy Camper”. However, since this has occurred….the first week off was spent mostly sleeping to rid myself of the frustration, anger and fear that accompanied this event in my life. The second week was involved in keeping schedules that had been set by me when I was working. The third week was when the realization of how rested and happy this time off had made me feel. The fourth week and each ensuing month has been spent watching TV, playing games on the PC, sending emails or reading until all hours of the night…..then of course getting to sleep until you wake up on your own the following morning ( no alarm clock). Best of all though is running errands, grocery shopping, visiting with friends, doing yard and house work that had previously been done mostly on weekends….could all be done before the weekend and therefore gives me the opportunity to spend more time with Family, visiting antique shops and yard sales. Recently I purchased one of those plaques that read “Please Don’t Write In The Dust” and displayed it prominently for all to see because I now realize that dust won’t kill me or anyone else that enters my home, you don’t have to vacuum your house or mop your kitchen every day…. this has given me boundless freedom.

I wish to add that I am aware that my circumstances are much better than many people that have lost jobs or taken pay cuts….being older and qualifying for Medicare and Social Security does have some advantages. I would like you to know that I’m aware that wasting the rest of my life doing only for myself would be very selfish, so I plan to do a lot of volunteer work in the future, but for the rest of this year, watch for me at yard sales and antique shops.

Camella Bostic Stephens
Class of 1961